Who am I?

I am a student and teacher teaching most of the CS/IT subjects. And I'm building a community where everyone having good knowledge about tech and there usage.

My Journey

  1. Started my journey

    This year I found something I was looking for.

  2. I proceeded with my interest

    Worked as a freelancer technical assistant, in my village with some of my friends.

  3. Started, a new journey

    A lot happened this year, and in the bowels of the year, I had become an engineering student.

  4. Learn, Break, Learn phase

    I learned most of the engineering stuff as well as my areas of interest like programming, designing, etc.

  5. Freelancing start

    I did some freelance development work as well as some technical stuff.

  6. Learning, Building, and Writing

    I think it's going to be an interesting year because this year I tried to do all the things I had to do.

Interesting, things I've done in the past!

I am a tech enthusiast who loves to use new technology with my passion. I spend most of the time learning things and applying them to something valuable.

SolverJs | NPM Package

SolverJS is a combination of many common mathematical and some very used logic solutions.

InstaDpLoader | Android App

Download the image of your friends and loved ones with very high quality.

PrevSec | Private Screenshot

A private screenshot tacker, Without any kind of detection by any Application.

LocalIDE | Online IDE

A Simple and easy to use Online IDE, supportd 6 languages.

Learn Shell Script | Book

This is a guidebook for a shell script, here we have tried our best to teach shell script and explain it to you.

Local API | Useful API's

It is a Useful Collection of some paid and free API's you can use them freely.

YourQuery | Headless Feedback

Get website feedback directly to your email without any database intergation, corss platform.

LocalQuiz | Computer in Hindi

A website where our small team post computer releted articles in Hindi.


Experienced Technologies

I love to learn and Teach, so as part interest I've worked and experienced most technologies.

Web Development

With: NodeJs, JavaScript, GraphQL, BunJs, TypeScript, ReactJs, MongoDB, NextJs, ExpressJs, PugJs, Tailwind CSS, WebGL, HTML, CSS


With: AWS, Firebase, GCP, Linux, Shell Script, YAML Script other devops tools etc.

Desktop Development

With: ElectronJs.

Android Development

With: Android Studio, Java, XML.


With: C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, R, Swift.


With: KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing) Book, Articles GFG.

Get In touch with Me.

You can connect with a medium I've presented.

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